Synchronize Bluetooth phone with Thunderbird

blueZync compatibility

blueZync 0.1.7 (compiled from SVN)

Operating systems / Linux distros

blueZync currently only works on Linux.

blueZync has been tested with the following Linux distributions:

If your Linux distribution is not mentioned, please try Building blueZync anyway, and support the project by submitting patches for your distribution.

Feel free to ask questions on the Developers forum

Thunderbird compatibility

blueZync has been tested with Thunderbird 2, and seems to work with Thunderbird 1.5 as well. It also works with Icedove on Debian.

Sunbird/Lightning compatibility

Sunbird/Lightning compatibility is tricky
Please read this section carefully

blueZync is only compatible with the version of Sunbird/Lightning against which it was compiled!
It is the version of sunbird-dev used for compilation, which determines the version supported.

Unfortunatly, it seems that there is no API call to identify the current Mozilla Calendar API version. Hence blueZync is checking the version of the schema used in the calendar database. If this schema version does not match the sunbird-dev version, blueZync bails out.

The check is implemented in the mozilla-sync plugin for OpenSync. This means, that the blueZync4thunderbird extension to Thunderbird/Sunbird will support calendar version 0.7 and 0.8. But when you try to discover or synchronize, mozilla-sync will complain.

If you build blueZync according to Building blueZync you will get the following compatibility:

Linux distro Mozilla Calendar version
Ubuntu 8.04 hardy 0.7
Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid 0.8
Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty 0.9
Ubuntu 9.10 karmic 0.9
Debian 4.0 etch 0.7
Debian lenny 0.8
openSUSE 11.0 0.7

If you use the version of Sunbird / Lightning / Iceowl packaged with the distribution, things should work fine. However, if you e.g. download a newer version of the lightning.xpi, things will not work.

Please help developing

The API of Sunbird/Lightning (really, the API of Mozilla Calendar) is changing between versions. As functions have the same name and UUID, but different parameters, handling versions is difficult.

Add to this, that there seems to be no API call to identify the current version of the API.

However, it "should" be possible to fake some of the header files, and create a version of mozilla-sync which will support multiple version.

Any help towards this would be much appreciated.

Feel free to ask questions on the Developers forum

OpenSync compatibility

blueZync 0.1.7 does not work with OpenSync version 0.37 or earlier. You need to compile against a recent version from SVN.

blueZync 0.1.7 does not work with libsyncml version 0.5.3 or earlier. You need to compile against 0.5.4 (or possibly a recent version from SVN).

Mobile phone compatibility

blueZync is using libsyncml to communicate with the mobile phone. Please find compatibility information here: