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Before reporting a blueZync bug

Before reporting a blueZync bug:

If you have build blueZync from source:

If - after checking the above - you think that you have found a new bug, please create a bug report.

Reporting blueZync bugs

First of all: please try to re-create the bug, but with tracing turned on, i.e. something like:
mkdir /tmp/osync_trace
export OSYNC_TRACE=/tmp/osync_trace
export SYNCML_TRACE=/tmp/osync_trace
cd /tmp/osync_trace
tar cjf osync_trace.tar.bz2 *

If you can accept that details of contacts/events are included, please


In the bug report, please include:

If your problem relates to OpenSync or mozilla-sync not being loaded, please also include the output of the following:

cd /home/YOUR_HOME/.thunderbird/YOUR_PROFILE.default/extensions/
cd /YOUR_PREFIX/lib/opensync/plugins

If you have build blueZync from source:

The more information you provide, and the more precise it is, the better the chance that the developers can find and fix the bug.

If you really want to create a good bug report - so we can be more efficient solving your problem - you should read How to Report Bugs Effectively

Thank you for submitting bug reports! It helps us make blueZync better!