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blueZync manual

This is the manual page for blueZync build out of SVN. See also blueZync 0.1.6 manual.

blueZync manual

blueZync is still under development.
Please back up all your data before using blueZync

blueZync4 Overview
blueZync is two things:
  • a Mozilla Thunderbird and Sunbird plugin called blueZync4thunderbird
  • an OpenSync plugin called mozilla-sync

In order to use blueZync4thunderbird you need OpenSync and mozilla-sync as well.

On this manual page you will find:

Build blueZync

Start by Building blueZync. This will install OpenSync including the mozilla-sync plugin for OpenSync, as well as some prerequisites.

Install the blueZync4thunderbird extension

The easiest way to "install" the extension into Thunderbird is to create a symbolic link from Thunderbird's profile directory to the unpacked extension (substitute the name of your profile directory for 1xy2abcd):

cd ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/1xy2abcd/extensions
ln -s /usr/local/share/blueZync/ThunderbirdExtension

Using the blueZync 4 thunderbird extension

If the installation went well, you should now have two new menu entries in Thunderbird under Tools:

blueZync 4 thunderbird settings

In Thunderbird, select Tools -> blueZync - Settings

You might get an error message here - please see blueZync 4 thunderbird error messages

The blueZync4thunderbird settings window has two parts:

If this is your first time using blueZync4thunderbird, both will be empty. Click Add group

On the panel to the right, you can now set:

blueZync 4 thunderbird error messages

Unable to load OpenSync library (Null)

This indicates a problem with dynamic loading of libraries.

Depending on your thunderbird profile directory, please try
cd /home/someone/.thunderbird/ab1cde23.default/extensions/

Any not-found must be resolved.

Depending on your prefix, please try
cd /usr/lib/opensync/plugins

Any not-found must be resolved.

If you encounter this error
You must uninstall and then re-install the extension!
Sorry about this, but that's how Thunderbird works

Getting more information about errors

export OSYNC_TRACE=/some/directory
Check out the logfiles generated. Look for something like <--- ERROR --- osync_module_load:

If you post the output of the ldd command and the (relevant parts of) the logfiles on the blueZync Users Discussion Forum we will see if we can help...

Reporting errors and bugs

Please see Reporting blueZync bugs

Mozilla plugin for OpenSync

As root execute the command ldconfig -p | grep If you see .../ listed, everything should be OK. Otherwise you will have to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="xxx" where xxx is the directory of

Different distro's have different library paths
You must set LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly!

Depending on your distro and where you downloaded and installed blueZync, set the correct linker path:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib/thunderbird-

The mozilla-sync configuration file

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!--	configuration file for mozilla-sync plugin for OpenSync
	$Id: manual.dox 291 2008-09-23 17:29:09Z kaarposoft $



	<!--	profile-directory is where the user's thunderbird profile lives.
		Use the full pathname. Tilde ~ is *not* recognized.
		Remove or leave blank to have mozilla-sync try to find 
		default profile directory automatically.  -->

		<DisplayName>Profile directory</DisplayName>



	<!--	addressbook-file is the name of the addressbook file.
		Should have .mab extension.
		Relative to profile-directory -->

	<!--	Identifier of the Mozilla calendar.
		Under the profile directory there should be a file called storage.sdb
		This file contains the Mozilla calendars.
		Try the shell command sqlite3 /home/someone/.thunderbird/ab1cde23/storage.sdb
		And in this sqlite3 command window give the command 
		SELECT p.value, c.uri FROM cal_calendars AS c
			LEFT JOIN cal_calendars_prefs AS p ON WHERE'name';
		The identifier is given in the URL after moz-profile-calendar://?id=
		If the URL has no ?id= the identifier is zero -->