Building NokSync

NokSync is hosted by SourceForge, where you may download the latest release, or access the Subversion repository directly.

Prerequisite: Visual Studio

NokSync was developed using Visual Studio 2003. In order to build it, you must have Visual Studio 2003 installed.

You can find some good information about XPCOM with Visual Studio at

Prerequisite: Gecko SDK

  1. Download the mozilla GECKO SDK

  2. Unzip into gecko-sdk in your Program Files directory.

  3. Some libraries (e.g. libIDL-0.6.dll) are missing, so download (which will unzip into buildtools)

  4. copy libIDL-0.6.dll and glib-1.2.dll from buildtools\windows\bin\x86 to gecko-sdk\bin

    Now gecko-sdk\bin\xpidl.exe should work...

Build NokSync

  1. Run make_dll.bat
    This will compile the .idl files with xpidl, and then compile the noksync.dll with devenv (i.e. Visual Studio)

  2. Run copy_dll.bat
    This will copy noksync.dll and .xpt into noksync/components

  3. Run make_xpi.bat
    This will pack the noksync directory into an xpi file.
    Note that this requires PowerArchiver's PACL, available from
    You can substitute with your favorite compression utility (edit make_xpi.bat accordingly).

Build Documentation

  1. Install Doxygen from

  2. Download from and put it into the dox directory.
    This is a small utility for JavaScript files, which are not natively handled by Doxygen.

  3. Run make_doc.bat
    This will create html documentation in doc/html