NokSync File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
comparator.js_ Functionality for comparing Thunderbird with NOKIA
INokSync.idl Interface definitions for noksync.dll
lib.js_ Library with logging, error handling, and initialization
main.js_ Functionality for the main NokSync window
NokiaContact.h Header for wrapper around PhonebookAdapterDS3::IContact2
nokiaContact.js_ Class NokiaContact representing a contact on the NOKIA phone
NokiaPhonebook.h Header for wrapper around PhonebookAdapterDS3::IPhonebook3
NokiaPhoneInfo.h Header for wrapper around STTNGS3A_SLib::INokiaPhoneInfo
NokSyncLib.h Macros for error handling
overlay.js_ Functionality for starting NokSync from Thunderbird
preferences.js_ Functionality for the preferences window
synchronizer.js_ Functionality for synchronizing Thunderbird with NOKIA
syncReady.js_ Functionality for showing number of contacts to synchronize
syncSelection.js_ Functionality for the SyncSelection window