Translating NokSync

Your help in translating NokSync to your local language would be most appreciated!

How to submit a translation

For a complete translation, the following files must be translated:

You can download the files directly from SVN using the links above, or you can find them in the Source .zip.

When you have translated the files, please pack them in a .zip with your locale as the name (e.g., and submit as a patch.

Translating using BabelZilla

NokSync has also been submitted on BabelZilla You can register on BabelZilla and add yourself as a translator for NokSync.

BabelZilla has a nice interface for making the translation.

Please remember to translate the manual

However, you must still translate dox/manual.dox manually.

Please submit your translation of dox/manual.dox either as a patch on SourceForge, or as an attachment to a post on BabelZilla.


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